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Doc's Place revamps their slice of internet paradise.

Doc’s Place Recovery (DPR) is a rehabilitation and support center for men in the Glynn County area who needs its services. DPR wanted to give their slice of internet paradise an update so that their online experience matched the message and intent that lies at the heart of Doc’s Place Recovery!


Performance Increase!

A screen cap of the old Doc's Place website.

The Challenge

While their previous website “worked just fine”, it lacked a cohesive aesthetic and did little to further or convey the message of their mission.

The site was full of meaningful content and information related to their program and services, but the hierarchy of the information was often laid out in less-than-optimal ways, resulting in conflicting perceived importance. We knew this was one part that we could absolutely dial in and amplify for Doc’s Place’s new layout.

Another area we knew we could improve was the overall performance of the site. Their previous Lighthouse scores showed there were huge gains to be made here.

Lighthouse performance scores. 64 performance. 84 accessibility. 77 best practices.

With all of that said and discovered, we went to work.

A mood board showcasing peaceful and calming images.

The Plan

Our first step was to work out what this new site would look like. Based on Doc’s Place’s mission, we wanted this site to convey trust, support, comfort, & growth before the content was even consumed. We put together a mood board that captured those tones. We considered some of the proven psychology behind colors and knew we wanted a green to set the tone for growth and support and a blue to instill the comfort and trust.

For the performance, we knew our skill sets would align with exactly what we wanted to achieve. Hosting on Netlify allowed us to provide a stable and affordable hosting solution. We exclusively use Nuxt in all of our projects- which allows us to server side generate any pages. Pair that with Netlify, and you’re in a JAMstack sandwich optimized for speed.

We chose Storyblok CMS as a content management system- which gives our clients an easy-to-use interface for managing their content.

Docs Recovery website displayed across devices of various sizes.

The Results

Here we are, some weeks later, and the new and improved Doc’s Place Recovery website is ready for the world!

We spent a lot of time optimizing images, improving load times, and ensuring we have accessibility covered across the board. We improved their First Contentful Paint from 5.6 seconds to .5s and their Time To Interactive from 11.1s to 0.7s! This just goes to show what a well-built and optimized code base can really do a lot for your website.

We’re proud of what we were able to achieve on this project from both a design & development perspective. We 100% believe that this new site will help Doc’s Place spread their message of support, growth, and recovery to any who need it.

Storyblok allows them full access to keep things up to date in an easy and intuitive interface. They have full range and control to add, delete, or move pages around- as well as any of the content within. And its built with a system in that they’ll never be able to build a bad page with it!

Lastly, look at these numbers!

Lighthouse test results. Performance: 100. Accessibility: 100. Best Practices: 100.

Check out the site!

From the start of working with Clutch, I knew they were going to deliver a quality website. Drew and his team displayed competence and understanding from the get go. The final product was well beyond my expectations and honestly worth way more than their asking price. I cannot recommend these guys enough. The Clutch team are great communicators, have clear direction, and have the skills to match!

- Nate Faulkenberry, Doc's Place Recovery

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